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My hatred for you..


You wanna know how much I will hate you?

May be nothing at all, because I’ve known all along that this won’t last.

May be a little, because I’ve let you in even when I knew I’ll only be your past.

May be some more, because inspite of all odds, I chose to holdfast.

May be a lot more, because I fell in love with you superfast.

May be tremendously more, because the hole you leave in me is gonna be vast.

May be so much more that I start hating myself, because life without you will be rast.

May be you will never know, because at our farewell, I wont cry, but smile for you, in contrast!

May be to the peaks, because I’ll love you all over again and wish you happiness with my little broken heart.

#lovehate #farewell #brokenlove


A book worm, book reviewer, art lover and writer. I cherish every moment and love retelling the memories made.

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