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Drawing my thoughts!

I guess I got the streak of an artist from my mother. I never enjoyed too many people around me. Whenever I get chance, I grab my pencil, sketches and colors, run to a corner and draw. Drawing brings me joy. The strokes of the brush and the lines from the pencil draw my thoughts. Feels good to know that I can erase anything I draw and fix it. Though I stopped drawing for over 10 years, I picked up my pencil again lately. Every sketch I make brings back a little piece of me which went missing in the life’s journey. I gather all those pieces with great care and lock them inside my mind palace in order to not to lose them ever again. I know many of us become the person whom we never thought we would become. Its never too late to fix it. Pick up your pencil and draw a better picture. Unfortunately, there’s never been an eraser that could erase our mistakes. But, never mind! Buy a new sketchbook, a better pencil kit and don’t forget to sharpen your pencil this time. Start drawing the lines. Slowly fill it with beautiful colors from your experiences. You’ll see what an amazing painting you made out of that empty page! When I could make cool art out of my life, you can, too! So, what are you waiting for? Fill your life with plenty of colors and share those beautiful paintings with me.

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A book worm, book reviewer, art lover and writer. I cherish every moment and love retelling the memories made.

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