Hello Reader, I’m sure you all imagined picture of a clipped nightingale looking at the title of my blog. Yes, I was in a cage for a long long time and my wings were clipped. I could not sing in spite of my beautiful voice. I uld not draw because I as told it’s a waste of tine. I could not read because knowing too many things is not allowed. After a huge struggle, almost after 10 years, now, I am out of my cage and I’m learning to fly again. I dusted off my wings to soar high and high and high. I am learning to live again and love again. I realized that you don’t need anyone to approve of you, you just have to be yourself and love yourself. You might find my thoughts relatable, strange and unacceptable, at times! But these are my thoughts and I’m pinning them down as they come to my mind, about everything and nothing. It could be about how my day went, about the coffee I had, about the rainbow outside my window, about the thoughts that kept me awake at 3AM, a movie I watched or a book I read (I’m a bookworm, FYI), what not?! This is the place where I’m pouring out my heart and mind without any restrictions. Please share your thoughts, too.. I’m always listening!

#theclippednightingale #moviereviews #bookreviews #randomthoughts #3amthoughts #flyagain #caged #freed #loveyourself #loveurself #relive #livethemoment #live again.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Wonderful expression, amazing thoughts! You revealed,realized, remembering so Many things, we are all on the same way…I hope You must & should created a newly world with ever never described words of future Literature!!


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