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Live now, cry another day!

I feel warm and safe in your arms,
They won’t be around me one day.

I snuggle closer to you and breathe in your smell,
That’s gonna disappear and leave me in dismay.

I cherish the way your skin feels against mine,
I know one day it all will vanish away.

Your strong fingers pat my fears afar,
They won’t be there forever so, I wanna hold them now and play.

I know there comes a day when you will wanna go away,
I will have to let you go, I won’t have a say.

I have you now and I own you this moment,
I decided to make the most of it and cry another day.

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The Lone Girl!

The four walls of her heart try to contain as much void as possible but at times, it becomes too much to deal with. It rises to her throat trying to come out as a loud scream, but she manages to choke the sound just before the escape and shoves it back into the depths of the dark corners of her heart. She wanders down the crowded lanes hoping to ignore the buzz of the unsettled thoughts running through her mind. It never helps. She talks to people around her indifferently and plasters a smile on her lips that’s more plastic than ever. After coming home from work, she sits still in her dark bedroom staring at the empty walls listening to the ticking sound of the needles of the clock. She wonders if the time is dragging those needles or the needles dragging the time. Nevertheless, the night ends and the rays of the dawn creep through the window filling the room with a mild glow. She collects herself to get up from the cold bed, with her hair disheveled and her eyes hollow. Here comes, yet another day and she has to find a way to pull through her routine. And the lone girl makes her way through the door to face the world, and to exist!

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Shattered dreams

No matter how well I water, my rose plant died,
My dream of a beautiful garden is shattered.
I read every single book I found but never graduated
My dream of education is shattered.
I gave 100% in the relationship but my heart is broken,
My dream of love is utterly shattered.
So much burden on my weak shoulders,
My dream of happiness is shattered.
Inspite of playing fair, I was cheated in the game,
My dream of victory is shattered
Everything I love is taken away from me,
My dream of dreaming is shattered.

Oh, what an empty life?

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Why I prefer the book over the adapted movies?

Hi Readers,

The first adapted movie I watched was Harry Potter. I must tell you, though I enjoyed the visuals, I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I enjoyed the book. After that, I watched few more movies that were adapted from famous novels. Not a single movie gave me the kick that reading the original book gave.

I was talking to my friend the other day about the same. He is a film maker and he agreed with me. I guess reading the book gives me the freedom of imagination while the movie only lets me see what the director wants me to see. Each person has a different perspective about everything. So, when I read a book, my imagination runs me wild and the smart brain of mine paints beautiful images that no director can show me in a movie.

Also, my film maker friend told me that when a book is going to turn into a movie, it goes through a lot of changes. The screen play changes a whole lot of the book to make it suitable for the making of the movie. I don’t think a 800 page novel can ever fit in a 90 minute movie. Don’t you agree? Imagine how much content is cut short to make it possible. And during this, the director might eliminate a scene because it seemed unimportant to him but it could be important to me.

The director might add plenty of commercial elements to make the movie a hit but it could ruin the basic essence of the story. I was reading Paulo Coelho’s The Aleph in which Paulo said he would never give the copy rights of his books to be made into a movie and he mentioned why. His views appeared a lot similar to mine.

A wise man said, “Never judge a book by its movie”. How true? I make it a point to read the book first and then watch the movie. I know it’s quite difficult in today’s busy world to read a book and that I believe is the major reason for the increasing number of movies adapted from books.

Personally, I will pick a book over a movie of its adaptation. Your views might vary. Please feel free to share them with me. Tell me what’s the movie you think did 100% justice to the original book.

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What other things do you do while reading?

Hi Readers, How is your weekend going?

Today, I burnt my hand pretty badly because I was so immersed in my book while cooking, I touched a hot pan. Ouch! Yeah, it happens very often and my partner gave me an earful. He asked me why I can’t keep my book aside atleast when I am dealing with fire. Poor guy, he doesn’t understand my obsession. I am sure.. my fellow book worms know what I mean.

I do almost every task while reading. I read while I brush. I bet you could find smudges of toothpaste on most of my books. I read while I eat. Yeah.. there were few instances where I ate chillies because I was busy reading to notice what’s going into my mouth. My mom used to give me hard stares when I bring a book to the dining table, but eventually, she stopped bothering.

I read in the late nights because the characters in my book might do something overnight. Sleep can wait, don’t you think?

I read while I poop. What? Yeah, I am not gonna waste those precious few minutes doing nothing in the bathroom. I can definitely finish up 3-4 pages in that time. 😁

I read while I commute. I read while chopping, walking, talking, drinking and thinking. that’s very obvious given my obsession.

Please share your views and tell me about your obsession of reading. After all, we all are birds of same feather. Cheers!

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What turned you into a book-worm?

Hi Readers,

Howz your day going? I’m sure most of you are snuggled into a corner on a comfy couch holding your book in one hand and a hot cuppa coffee in another. That’s how I spend most of my days. Today when I woke up to the prickling rays of the hot sun, I wanted to ditch my daily chores and drown in the pages of my latest read. I didn’t know if I loved reading or if I was ADDICTED. I wondered why I enjoy the company of books more than humans, why I preferred the fantasy world in the books to the real world I’m living in. From my early childhood, I remember that my favorite pastime is reading books. I rarely went outside to play with friends. I read almost every book from my school library and my town library. My mom would bring me more books and I would read them within 2-3 days.

I guess I found it interesting living through the lives of the characters in the book. Books also gave me loads of information and I call it knowledge. I knew how it was during the world war, what it was like being a refugee, how to build a tent and why is plastic dangerous to our ecosystem, just by sitting at home. My addiction was fueled by the books my mom bought me almost every other week. She was a reader, too and I wonder if reading got into me by genes.

During my adolescence, I guess no friend could clear my doubts like books did. I found not one but so many best friends in books.

I developed a huge urge for traveling and I would blame it on my books. The more I read, the more I wanted to travel to new places. Since I had no luxury to do that, I read even more books to compensate my urge… hahhha…. vicious cycle… isn’t it?

Anyways, now I’m not a book-worm anymore, I would call myself a book dragon, if at all there exists a word like that. Now I wish I knew all the languages in this world so that I could read books from every language that is known. See what I mean when I call myself a book dragon? LOL!

Please share your stories, tell me why you got so addicted to books, what was that first book that made you want to read more and more… I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Got to go, I’ve got a book to finish.

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What’s your escape?

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What do you do when you feel like you are lost in this busy world? What do you do when you feel like you don’t belong?

I feel this crushing feeling that chokes me with the many words I never said. I drag my boat over my shoulder into the sea of existence but it refuses to sail. The simmering darkness inside my soul warns me that the night is going to be very long. How I wish I could escape from this fake world? Well, I tried my ways to get out of the cage of this hypocrite world. But every escape tightens the cuffs I’m shackled in. How I wish I could rip those fake smiles off of people’s faces and find out what they are really like under that mask. The indifference creeps into my veins and starts filling all the chambers of my heart, leaving me ruthless. That makes me want to run away from myself. Tell me, how far is the fortress that is going to help me escape from the demons I created myself? And is it possible ever at all, to be able live escaping all the time?

Share your thoughts, tell me how you escape from your demons..!

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Just another night!

The night seemed to never end. Especially with the downpour of rain, powercut and the darkness engulfing me… I could not sleep. My little tomato saplings in the balcony were too young to stand the force of the rain, they bent down kissing the soil. I guess too much of anything is good for nothing.

Anyways, I sat in the balcony watching the rain. The thunder striking now and then is making the raindrops look like silver strings sent from above. The chill in the air was remarkable. I made myself a cup of coffee and held it in my hands like a precious trophy, after all, that’s my companion in good and bad times. The night was silent except for the sound of the rain and the clock on the table ticking, tick.. tick.. tick..! Too many thoughts were cluttering my mind, making up scenarios that are never gonna happening, thinking of the people who are never gonna be there and ruining my inner peace. I could not stand it and picked up my mobile to waste some more time checking for updates on facebook and twitter. In some time, I lost my interest looking at the updates posted by people who post them purely to show off. They randomly like and share whatever that comes their way without even checking the facts.

It was past 1.00 in the night and I really have a very bad relationship with the angel of sleep, we don’t get along very well. I thought of writing something on my blog but my laptop’s battery was down. I looked around, found a candle, and wasted about 5-6 matchsticks in the process of lighting the candle, due to the strong wind coming through the window. I succeeded finally and the warm orange glow chased away the darkness in the room. I loved the way the flame danced to the rhythm of the rain beating against the walls. What a show?

Left with nothing else to do, I decided to pick up the pen and the book and write something.. anything. The stillness around me triggered the flow of words pouring onto the paper and I wrote non-stop for over 45 minutes. Just like the rain cooled the hot summer, the downpour of the words cooled the heat of my mind.

Feeling a bit relieved, I started reading the novel I had been reading for the last 10 days, ‘Atlas Shrugged’. My eyes started running through the letters on the pages. I’ve always wondered how a variety of combination of just 26 Alphabets forms so many words with plenty of meanings. Slowly, it stopped raining outside. Ayn Rand’s words felt like a lullaby and I, too, fell into a deep sleep.

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వర్షం, ఇంకా నేను!

భోరున వర్షం, ఉరుములు, మెరుపులు…!!

ఈ రుతువులో ఏదో మాయ ఉంది.
వర్షం లో నెమలి పూరి విప్పి నాట్యం చేసినట్టు,
మనసు ఒక్క సారిగా.. నిద్ర నుండి లేచినట్టయ్యింది!
తడవాలని, చినుకులతో ఆడాలని చిన్ని ఆశ, కాని……
అదేంటో, ఆ కోరిక తీర్చుకునే ధైర్యం చేయలేదు.
అలా కిటికీ లో చూస్తూ మాత్రమే వర్షాన్ని ఆస్వాదించాను.
అదే వర్షం, అదే నేను– కాని జీవితం లో ఎన్నో పెనుమార్పులు!
ఈ వర్షం పుణ్యమా అని, నా ఉనికి అప్పుడప్పుడు గుర్తొస్తుంది-
ఉరుముల్లాంటి నా కోపం, మెరుపులాంటి నేను,
ఆకాశమంత స్వాభిమానం, వరదలా ముంచెత్తే నా ప్రేమ.
ఇప్పుడు నేను నేనుగా లేను….
నా అస్థిత్వాన్ని  ప్రశ్నిస్తూ ఈ వర్షాకాలం మిగిలింది.
కురిసే ప్రతిసారి ఎన్నో తీపి, చేదు జ్ఞాపకాలను వెలికి తీస్తుంది.
ఆలోచనల తుఫానులో ముంచేసి వెళ్తుంది.
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Drawing my thoughts!

I guess I got the streak of an artist from my mother. I never enjoyed too many people around me. Whenever I get chance, I grab my pencil, sketches and colors, run to a corner and draw. Drawing brings me joy. The strokes of the brush and the lines from the pencil draw my thoughts. Feels good to know that I can erase anything I draw and fix it. Though I stopped drawing for over 10 years, I picked up my pencil again lately. Every sketch I make brings back a little piece of me which went missing in the life’s journey. I gather all those pieces with great care and lock them inside my mind palace in order to not to lose them ever again. I know many of us become the person whom we never thought we would become. Its never too late to fix it. Pick up your pencil and draw a better picture. Unfortunately, there’s never been an eraser that could erase our mistakes. But, never mind! Buy a new sketchbook, a better pencil kit and don’t forget to sharpen your pencil this time. Start drawing the lines. Slowly fill it with beautiful colors from your experiences. You’ll see what an amazing painting you made out of that empty page! When I could make cool art out of my life, you can, too! So, what are you waiting for? Fill your life with plenty of colors and share those beautiful paintings with me.

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