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Storm Struck!

I am standing in the middle of the storm wondering what will stay with me and what will be ripped off of me. I keep my feet grounded and run my roots deep into the ground. Still, I know my strength is not much and the earth I stand upon is not something I can hold onto. I look up into the sky and see that the thunder is ready to strike. I pull myself together and wait for the battle. I have very few weapons in my armor and I choose to fight alone for I am alone and this is my battle. I might win or I might lose, whatever it is, I’m here to face!

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blue woman


Coffee.. as hot as my mind.

And the night.. as cold as my heart!

I thought the chill in the night would cool the anger in my mind.

I also wondered if the cool winds would warm my hot coffee.

But I want neither my mind nor my coffee to get cold.

Looks like the dark winter night gets that, it brings almost no change.

Slowly the anger in my mind descended and the coldness of heart rose way above.

They both met somewhere in between, at the bottom of my throat, choking me like a warm venom, which I very well know can neither swallow nor spit out!

And ever since then, it has been creeping through my veins making every part of me, NUMB!


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Journey on a paperboat!


I always believe I write because thats what keeps me from going crazy. When waves of thoughts flood my mind, I take the help of the paper (boat), pick up the pen to use it as a oar, try to stay afloat, keep myself from drowning and travel to the darkest corners of my mind. The words help me navigate to the dark world inside me and back to the reality. I talk to the paper all those unspoken thoughts because the paper never judges me for what I say. Every trip on my paperboat is a journey in itself filled with plenty of stories. Stories of love, hate, anger, passion, lust, angst, insanity, and manymore. Some will be lengthy, some will be short, some will have endless lines and some with just two lines. #paperboat #stories #myjourney #waveofthoughts