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The Accidental Guardian – Book review

The Accidental Guardian is a perfect book with a complete package of cool pace, well-established characters and amazing narration. This is the first time I’m reading Mary Connealy’s book and I definitely became a fan. The periodical setup of the story taking place is well written. The details were fine. I could see the mountains, feel the weather and last but not the least, the characters came very close to my heart. The periodical set-up takes you back in time because of the writer’s fine detailing. Trace, the cowboy who had to grow up all alone didn’t give up, he is brave enough to survive the massacre and he built his own ranch out of nothing. I like brave Trace who chose to guard the trail for all those travelers. The title is just apt – ‘The Accidental Guardian’. He turned out into a well-mannered, caring young man all by himself just by reading the Bible and plenty of other books. It assures me of the fact that ‘Books truly are man’s best friends’. Deb is a strong character with plenty of courage and independent thoughts. I understood why it was hard for her to believe in the sensible angle of a man. Gwen, Adam and Utah are fine supporting characters. The animals Black and Wolf were no less than the prime characters of the story. I could not put the book down until the last page. My heart broke when Maddie Sue and Ronnie lost their family, I felt the chill of the winter in the high mountains, I was mad at the outlaws for what they did and I felt so happy when Trace and Deb got married in the small chapel. The whole story brings warmth to your heart. I would suggest you grab this awesome book, sit down in your balcony with a view and read it while sipping your coffee. You wouldn’t know how the time passed by!

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Reviews – Through my eyes!

I am sure I read about 100s of books so far. Children’s fiction to adult stories, I’ve read them all. I wandered in all those places that are detailed in the books. Literally walked down the lanes mentioned in them, shopped at the stores along with the characters, fought the battles the hero fought, cried along with the heroine during her heartbreak, played on the beach with the kids and built sand castles with them, hated the villain with all my heart for what he did to the hero, visualized myself taking part in the industrial revolution along with many laborers during the 17th century, and what not? I know what I perceived through these books need not be what the author intended to say. I know I laughed at the hero when hell fell and sympathized the anti-hero for whatever circumstances made him into who he is. Whatever it is, I lived through the book, I breathed the air from the woods in it, I smelled the Dahlias that bloomed in the garden, I literally went breathless when that cute kid drowned in the lake. This is me… looking at the sea of letters floating in my book, living the life of the characters while reading it! So, I decided to share my experiences, my perception and my point of view with my readers. Here we go..! I’ll keep you posted on all those wonderful experiences…

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