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Live now, cry another day!

I feel warm and safe in your arms,
They won’t be around me one day.

I snuggle closer to you and breathe in your smell,
That’s gonna disappear and leave me in dismay.

I cherish the way your skin feels against mine,
I know one day it all will vanish away.

Your strong fingers pat my fears afar,
They won’t be there forever so, I wanna hold them now and play.

I know there comes a day when you will wanna go away,
I will have to let you go, I won’t have a say.

I have you now and I own you this moment,
I decided to make the most of it and cry another day.

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The Lone Girl!

The four walls of her heart try to contain as much void as possible but at times, it becomes too much to deal with. It rises to her throat trying to come out as a loud scream, but she manages to choke the sound just before the escape and shoves it back into the depths of the dark corners of her heart. She wanders down the crowded lanes hoping to ignore the buzz of the unsettled thoughts running through her mind. It never helps. She talks to people around her indifferently and plasters a smile on her lips that’s more plastic than ever. After coming home from work, she sits still in her dark bedroom staring at the empty walls listening to the ticking sound of the needles of the clock. She wonders if the time is dragging those needles or the needles dragging the time. Nevertheless, the night ends and the rays of the dawn creep through the window filling the room with a mild glow. She collects herself to get up from the cold bed, with her hair disheveled and her eyes hollow. Here comes, yet another day and she has to find a way to pull through her routine. And the lone girl makes her way through the door to face the world, and to exist!

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Shattered dreams

No matter how well I water, my rose plant died,
My dream of a beautiful garden is shattered.
I read every single book I found but never graduated
My dream of education is shattered.
I gave 100% in the relationship but my heart is broken,
My dream of love is utterly shattered.
So much burden on my weak shoulders,
My dream of happiness is shattered.
Inspite of playing fair, I was cheated in the game,
My dream of victory is shattered
Everything I love is taken away from me,
My dream of dreaming is shattered.

Oh, what an empty life?

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Come home soon!

The sun felt warm and cozy on my skin making it glow. I guess my skin is preparing itself to melt under your touch.

The air is heavy and carried so many scents. Still, it can never compete with the mixture of our scents.

I noticed my hunger and thirst have increased noticeably. What could have possibly caused that?

I am hearing music everywhere, from the rustling of the fallen leaves to the wind chimes jingling in our balcony.

I think the moon came too close to our window. Looks like it wants to see why I choose your darkness over its silver light every night.

You wanna know why this sudden change in everything and my being?

All my senses are snapped into existence and came alive as soon as I found out that you are coming home. Oh my dear love, how much I missed you from the moment you were gone, I can’t wait to have you in my arms and start living again.

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What’s your escape?

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What do you do when you feel like you are lost in this busy world? What do you do when you feel like you don’t belong?

I feel this crushing feeling that chokes me with the many words I never said. I drag my boat over my shoulder into the sea of existence but it refuses to sail. The simmering darkness inside my soul warns me that the night is going to be very long. How I wish I could escape from this fake world? Well, I tried my ways to get out of the cage of this hypocrite world. But every escape tightens the cuffs I’m shackled in. How I wish I could rip those fake smiles off of people’s faces and find out what they are really like under that mask. The indifference creeps into my veins and starts filling all the chambers of my heart, leaving me ruthless. That makes me want to run away from myself. Tell me, how far is the fortress that is going to help me escape from the demons I created myself? And is it possible ever at all, to be able live escaping all the time?

Share your thoughts, tell me how you escape from your demons..!

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My love!

Every time your skin brushes against mine, lightning strikes my entire body and I start feeling dizzy. I wonder what is it that your skin is made of that it got me addicted to you so much. My heart feels full when I am with you. Looking into those light brown eyes throws me into a different plane where we knew each other right when from the beginning of the time. Whenever I see your pupils dilating while looking at me, makes me feel like a queen of the entire universe, like I have everything I could ever want. I thought I was a rock but you made me melt.

Not having you by my side even for a second, hurts!

You are my bliss, you are my peace.

Your beautiful smile holds my heart’s keys.

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Thoughts litter my mind, soul and heart.

I wish I could sort all of them on a chart.

There are millions of questions I dare to ask

But then I realize I would rather stay in the dark.

So many doubts gather like clouds, in my sky,

I fail to chase them away even when I try.

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Broken and beyond..

At one moment I realized that there’s nothing I can do.

Only the creeping darkness in my heart seemed to be true.

That crushing pain in the heart cos of all those things left unsaid.

I’d rather drown under that weight and die breathless, instead.

Often, Hope and trust knock my door and try to come my way.

I make sure to push them millions and millions of miles away.

#darkness #broken #hopeless #breathless

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My hatred for you..


You wanna know how much I will hate you?

May be nothing at all, because I’ve known all along that this won’t last.

May be a little, because I’ve let you in even when I knew I’ll only be your past.

May be some more, because inspite of all odds, I chose to holdfast.

May be a lot more, because I fell in love with you superfast.

May be tremendously more, because the hole you leave in me is gonna be vast.

May be so much more that I start hating myself, because life without you will be rast.

May be you will never know, because at our farewell, I wont cry, but smile for you, in contrast!

May be to the peaks, because I’ll love you all over again and wish you happiness with my little broken heart.

#lovehate #farewell #brokenlove

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Soul Savior


loveWhat can I say? Your touch takes my breath away.

You peel off every layer concealing me, and bring me out of my shell.

I wanna feel this way, today and every single day!

The way you make love to my body and soul at a time, is lethal.

Please stay, and don’t leave me at bay.

Coz you are my savior and your presence is my cathedral.

#soul #intimacy #love