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My Moon


When the Sun started to set, it was phenomenal. I lurked behind the walls to hide myself from the overwhelming darkness. Suddenly I realized a warm light spreading in my little world. I wondered where ┬áit came from! There.. I couldn’t miss the lovely Moon shining from above. The Moon was simply there.. and his mere presence brought back immense strength from deep within. He helped me see clearly even through the darkness. I picked up the broken pieces of my heart in the light and gathered myself. Almost every night we would have nice talks about everything and nothing. He would let me soar up and up above the clouds and take me to explore the infinite sky. He would help me fly and never let me fall. I would shudder when his breathe grazes my skin and when his warm hand cups my face. I almost melt in his warmth when he hugs me. But then, he always leaves before dawn. And, when its time for him to leave, I would start missing him already… like hell, like he is taking away a piece of me with him! #moonlove #moon #darknights