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Let’s give it a TRY!

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Did you ever meet someone who feels like your other half? Did you ever wanted to take it to next level, but was scared to do so? Are your past experiences stopping you from taking the next step? Let me tell you a small story about someone who felt just like you…

A boy and a girl knew each other for a long time. They both shared a great bond, they could understand each other without words being said. They shared almost everything and supported each other in many ways. Their relationship had no name but it was nothing less than love. One day she asked him if they can give their relationship a name. He said he is scared to name it and scared to trust anyone to that extent.

She said, “Let’s give it a try. Let’s not commit to anything yet. Let’s say we are going to try swimming in the sea and you are scared of the waves. I’ll hold your hand and walk with you down the beach till where the blue waters kiss the sand. Let’s get in a little farther till we go knee deep. Since you are scared from the start, I’m not going to force you to go any further. But if you choose to get adventurous and try a little bit more, I’m not going to leave your hand. I’ll show you what its like to be in a relationship with me. I’m going to show you what its like when the waves of my love caress your feet. I’m leaving it to you to imagine how it’s gonna be when you let yourself into this relationship. The sea holds treasures of plenty of emotions, you can find corals of my love deep down the seabed. When your love for me shines like the Sun, I’m gonna turn orange reflecting your colors. I’m not going to lie to you.. there will be some storms when the wind blows the wrong way, but I promise we’ll work out a way to get through them together. We can build our dreams together like kids build sandcastles on the beach. You can get a glimpse of me, of US when we are a couple. If you like it, let’s get into it more, swim together and explore the depths of each other’s souls. I think it would be my biggest regret if we don’t give us a chance. What do you say?”

He looked into her eyes thoughtfully, smiled and agreed. Thus, started their love story!

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Tale of Two Friends


The Beginning!

Long time ago, there was a boy named Aaron and a girl named Christine. Aaron and Christine met at college on the first day of graduation. They were two completely different people, almost disliked each other immediately. It was IRRITATION at FIRST SIGHT! Yeah, that’s right. She was smart and he was not very clever. They kept quarreling about a lot of things, about classes, about lecturers, about the food in the canteen, about break time, what not? They literally hated each other for the first few months of their college.Every day, she goes back home and rants to his sister about him, spitting anger about the things that Aaron did. After a few weeks, her sister laughed at Christine and said, “Christine, by the end of your college, you are going to come to me and say that you are in love with Aaron. We’ll talk that day!”. Christine smiled and said that its never gonna happen. Afterall, what did she know about the future?

One day, when Christine and Aaron were on a college tour, they realized that the fight is not worth it, given the 4 long years they were supposed to see each other and study together. They signed a peace treatise. They started sharing their meals, eating together, hanging out together, studying together, going out on projects together, almost spending every second together. She would call him when she gets on the bus, he’ll join her on the way and they reach the college together. They would listen to the same FM station and talk about the playlist even when they are not together. Now that they realized they have a lot of common interests, they both were surprised but they never let it show. After going home, she would call him in the evening and talk a while about the day they had and promised to meet him again next day. Whenever they went on projects, they would eat in a restaurant and share the bill.

The bond was so natural and everybody started treating them as if they were a couple. Aaron and Christine laughed at them. You won’t believe me if I said, they never even held each other’s hands. But in winter, when the wind chills her spine, she would simply hold his hand sitting next to him in the classroom. He would bring her food that his mother cooked. Whenever Christine asks Aaron to go to a movie with her, he would deny saying he wouldn’t want to give a reason to the rumors about their relationship. By the end of the first year, they were almost attached at the hip, seen everywhere together. They teased each other, laughed at each other and supported each other.

You are totally mistaken if you even think for a second that they stopped fighting. The fights never seized. They were there almost every other day. Inspite of their fights, it never occurred to them that, they might never patch up. Because, not a fight lasted for more than few hours, they would patch up every single time and each fight strengthened their bond. During these fights, they would sit away from each other in the classroom. Even their fights were beautiful. One day, when Aaron and Christine had an argument, their friend Cheryl tried to mediate. That’s when Professor James advised Cheryl never to interfere with anything that has to do with Aaron and Christine, because they will always go back together and that Cheryl will always remain the third person. He also told her that not a thing in this world can ever break Aaron and Christine’s bond.

Aaron came from a dysfunctional family. One day when things were not good at home, he called Christine. He didn’t say a word. He simply cried.. cried for almost 2-3 minutes. Christine stayed on line, listened to him crying silently. Once he pulled himself together, he simply said, “Bye!” and disconnected the phone. Christine didn’t talk about it next day when they met in college, because she believed that if it was something she had to know, Aaron would tell about it himself.. she wouldn’t have to ask! That was the kind of the bond they shared.

To be Continued…

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Just another night!

The night seemed to never end. Especially with the downpour of rain, powercut and the darkness engulfing me… I could not sleep. My little tomato saplings in the balcony were too young to stand the force of the rain, they bent down kissing the soil. I guess too much of anything is good for nothing.

Anyways, I sat in the balcony watching the rain. The thunder striking now and then is making the raindrops look like silver strings sent from above. The chill in the air was remarkable. I made myself a cup of coffee and held it in my hands like a precious trophy, after all, that’s my companion in good and bad times. The night was silent except for the sound of the rain and the clock on the table ticking, tick.. tick.. tick..! Too many thoughts were cluttering my mind, making up scenarios that are never gonna happening, thinking of the people who are never gonna be there and ruining my inner peace. I could not stand it and picked up my mobile to waste some more time checking for updates on facebook and twitter. In some time, I lost my interest looking at the updates posted by people who post them purely to show off. They randomly like and share whatever that comes their way without even checking the facts.

It was past 1.00 in the night and I really have a very bad relationship with the angel of sleep, we don’t get along very well. I thought of writing something on my blog but my laptop’s battery was down. I looked around, found a candle, and wasted about 5-6 matchsticks in the process of lighting the candle, due to the strong wind coming through the window. I succeeded finally and the warm orange glow chased away the darkness in the room. I loved the way the flame danced to the rhythm of the rain beating against the walls. What a show?

Left with nothing else to do, I decided to pick up the pen and the book and write something.. anything. The stillness around me triggered the flow of words pouring onto the paper and I wrote non-stop for over 45 minutes. Just like the rain cooled the hot summer, the downpour of the words cooled the heat of my mind.

Feeling a bit relieved, I started reading the novel I had been reading for the last 10 days, ‘Atlas Shrugged’. My eyes started running through the letters on the pages. I’ve always wondered how a variety of combination of just 26 Alphabets forms so many words with plenty of meanings. Slowly, it stopped raining outside. Ayn Rand’s words felt like a lullaby and I, too, fell into a deep sleep.

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The Accidental Guardian – Book review

The Accidental Guardian is a perfect book with a complete package of cool pace, well-established characters and amazing narration. This is the first time I’m reading Mary Connealy’s book and I definitely became a fan. The periodical setup of the story taking place is well written. The details were fine. I could see the mountains, feel the weather and last but not the least, the characters came very close to my heart. The periodical set-up takes you back in time because of the writer’s fine detailing. Trace, the cowboy who had to grow up all alone didn’t give up, he is brave enough to survive the massacre and he built his own ranch out of nothing. I like brave Trace who chose to guard the trail for all those travelers. The title is just apt – ‘The Accidental Guardian’. He turned out into a well-mannered, caring young man all by himself just by reading the Bible and plenty of other books. It assures me of the fact that ‘Books truly are man’s best friends’. Deb is a strong character with plenty of courage and independent thoughts. I understood why it was hard for her to believe in the sensible angle of a man. Gwen, Adam and Utah are fine supporting characters. The animals Black and Wolf were no less than the prime characters of the story. I could not put the book down until the last page. My heart broke when Maddie Sue and Ronnie lost their family, I felt the chill of the winter in the high mountains, I was mad at the outlaws for what they did and I felt so happy when Trace and Deb got married in the small chapel. The whole story brings warmth to your heart. I would suggest you grab this awesome book, sit down in your balcony with a view and read it while sipping your coffee. You wouldn’t know how the time passed by!

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వర్షం, ఇంకా నేను!

భోరున వర్షం, ఉరుములు, మెరుపులు…!!

ఈ రుతువులో ఏదో మాయ ఉంది.
వర్షం లో నెమలి పూరి విప్పి నాట్యం చేసినట్టు,
మనసు ఒక్క సారిగా.. నిద్ర నుండి లేచినట్టయ్యింది!
తడవాలని, చినుకులతో ఆడాలని చిన్ని ఆశ, కాని……
అదేంటో, ఆ కోరిక తీర్చుకునే ధైర్యం చేయలేదు.
అలా కిటికీ లో చూస్తూ మాత్రమే వర్షాన్ని ఆస్వాదించాను.
అదే వర్షం, అదే నేను– కాని జీవితం లో ఎన్నో పెనుమార్పులు!
ఈ వర్షం పుణ్యమా అని, నా ఉనికి అప్పుడప్పుడు గుర్తొస్తుంది-
ఉరుముల్లాంటి నా కోపం, మెరుపులాంటి నేను,
ఆకాశమంత స్వాభిమానం, వరదలా ముంచెత్తే నా ప్రేమ.
ఇప్పుడు నేను నేనుగా లేను….
నా అస్థిత్వాన్ని  ప్రశ్నిస్తూ ఈ వర్షాకాలం మిగిలింది.
కురిసే ప్రతిసారి ఎన్నో తీపి, చేదు జ్ఞాపకాలను వెలికి తీస్తుంది.
ఆలోచనల తుఫానులో ముంచేసి వెళ్తుంది.
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Drawing my thoughts!

I guess I got the streak of an artist from my mother. I never enjoyed too many people around me. Whenever I get chance, I grab my pencil, sketches and colors, run to a corner and draw. Drawing brings me joy. The strokes of the brush and the lines from the pencil draw my thoughts. Feels good to know that I can erase anything I draw and fix it. Though I stopped drawing for over 10 years, I picked up my pencil again lately. Every sketch I make brings back a little piece of me which went missing in the life’s journey. I gather all those pieces with great care and lock them inside my mind palace in order to not to lose them ever again. I know many of us become the person whom we never thought we would become. Its never too late to fix it. Pick up your pencil and draw a better picture. Unfortunately, there’s never been an eraser that could erase our mistakes. But, never mind! Buy a new sketchbook, a better pencil kit and don’t forget to sharpen your pencil this time. Start drawing the lines. Slowly fill it with beautiful colors from your experiences. You’ll see what an amazing painting you made out of that empty page! When I could make cool art out of my life, you can, too! So, what are you waiting for? Fill your life with plenty of colors and share those beautiful paintings with me.

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Storm Struck!

I am standing in the middle of the storm wondering what will stay with me and what will be ripped off of me. I keep my feet grounded and run my roots deep into the ground. Still, I know my strength is not much and the earth I stand upon is not something I can hold onto. I look up into the sky and see that the thunder is ready to strike. I pull myself together and wait for the battle. I have very few weapons in my armor and I choose to fight alone for I am alone and this is my battle. I might win or I might lose, whatever it is, I’m here to face!

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Reviews – Through my eyes!

I am sure I read about 100s of books so far. Children’s fiction to adult stories, I’ve read them all. I wandered in all those places that are detailed in the books. Literally walked down the lanes mentioned in them, shopped at the stores along with the characters, fought the battles the hero fought, cried along with the heroine during her heartbreak, played on the beach with the kids and built sand castles with them, hated the villain with all my heart for what he did to the hero, visualized myself taking part in the industrial revolution along with many laborers during the 17th century, and what not? I know what I perceived through these books need not be what the author intended to say. I know I laughed at the hero when hell fell and sympathized the anti-hero for whatever circumstances made him into who he is. Whatever it is, I lived through the book, I breathed the air from the woods in it, I smelled the Dahlias that bloomed in the garden, I literally went breathless when that cute kid drowned in the lake. This is me… looking at the sea of letters floating in my book, living the life of the characters while reading it! So, I decided to share my experiences, my perception and my point of view with my readers. Here we go..! I’ll keep you posted on all those wonderful experiences…

Coming soon….. BOOK REVIEWS! In proud association with Bethany House Publishers, Amazon Kindle and NetGalley!

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My love!

Every time your skin brushes against mine, lightning strikes my entire body and I start feeling dizzy. I wonder what is it that your skin is made of that it got me addicted to you so much. My heart feels full when I am with you. Looking into those light brown eyes throws me into a different plane where we knew each other right when from the beginning of the time. Whenever I see your pupils dilating while looking at me, makes me feel like a queen of the entire universe, like I have everything I could ever want. I thought I was a rock but you made me melt.

Not having you by my side even for a second, hurts!

You are my bliss, you are my peace.

Your beautiful smile holds my heart’s keys.

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blue woman


Coffee.. as hot as my mind.

And the night.. as cold as my heart!

I thought the chill in the night would cool the anger in my mind.

I also wondered if the cool winds would warm my hot coffee.

But I want neither my mind nor my coffee to get cold.

Looks like the dark winter night gets that, it brings almost no change.

Slowly the anger in my mind descended and the coldness of heart rose way above.

They both met somewhere in between, at the bottom of my throat, choking me like a warm venom, which I very well know can neither swallow nor spit out!

And ever since then, it has been creeping through my veins making every part of me, NUMB!