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What’s your escape?

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What do you do when you feel like you are lost in this busy world? What do you do when you feel like you don’t belong?

I feel this crushing feeling that chokes me with the many words I never said. I drag my boat over my shoulder into the sea of existence but it refuses to sail. The simmering darkness inside my soul warns me that the night is going to be very long. How I wish I could escape from this fake world? Well, I tried my ways to get out of the cage of this hypocrite world. But every escape tightens the cuffs I’m shackled in. How I wish I could rip those fake smiles off of people’s faces and find out what they are really like under that mask. The indifference creeps into my veins and starts filling all the chambers of my heart, leaving me ruthless. That makes me want to run away from myself. Tell me, how far is the fortress that is going to help me escape from the demons I created myself? And is it possible ever at all, to be able live escaping all the time?

Share your thoughts, tell me how you escape from your demons..!

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