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Come home soon!

The sun felt warm and cozy on my skin making it glow. I guess my skin is preparing itself to melt under your touch.

The air is heavy and carried so many scents. Still, it can never compete with the mixture of our scents.

I noticed my hunger and thirst have increased noticeably. What could have possibly caused that?

I am hearing music everywhere, from the rustling of the fallen leaves to the wind chimes jingling in our balcony.

I think the moon came too close to our window. Looks like it wants to see why I choose your darkness over its silver light every night.

You wanna know why this sudden change in everything and my being?

All my senses are snapped into existence and came alive as soon as I found out that you are coming home. Oh my dear love, how much I missed you from the moment you were gone, I can’t wait to have you in my arms and start living again.

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