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The Lone Girl!

The four walls of her heart try to contain as much void as possible but at times, it becomes too much to deal with. It rises to her throat trying to come out as a loud scream, but she manages to choke the sound just before the escape and shoves it back into the depths of the dark corners of her heart. She wanders down the crowded lanes hoping to ignore the buzz of the unsettled thoughts running through her mind. It never helps. She talks to people around her indifferently and plasters a smile on her lips that’s more plastic than ever. After coming home from work, she sits still in her dark bedroom staring at the empty walls listening to the ticking sound of the needles of the clock. She wonders if the time is dragging those needles or the needles dragging the time. Nevertheless, the night ends and the rays of the dawn creep through the window filling the room with a mild glow. She collects herself to get up from the cold bed, with her hair disheveled and her eyes hollow. Here comes, yet another day and she has to find a way to pull through her routine. And the lone girl makes her way through the door to face the world, and to exist!

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Tale of Two Friends


The Beginning!

Long time ago, there was a boy named Aaron and a girl named Christine. Aaron and Christine met at college on the first day of graduation. They were two completely different people, almost disliked each other immediately. It was IRRITATION at FIRST SIGHT! Yeah, that’s right. She was smart and he was not very clever. They kept quarreling about a lot of things, about classes, about lecturers, about the food in the canteen, about break time, what not? They literally hated each other for the first few months of their college.Every day, she goes back home and rants to his sister about him, spitting anger about the things that Aaron did. After a few weeks, her sister laughed at Christine and said, “Christine, by the end of your college, you are going to come to me and say that you are in love with Aaron. We’ll talk that day!”. Christine smiled and said that its never gonna happen. Afterall, what did she know about the future?

One day, when Christine and Aaron were on a college tour, they realized that the fight is not worth it, given the 4 long years they were supposed to see each other and study together. They signed a peace treatise. They started sharing their meals, eating together, hanging out together, studying together, going out on projects together, almost spending every second together. She would call him when she gets on the bus, he’ll join her on the way and they reach the college together. They would listen to the same FM station and talk about the playlist even when they are not together. Now that they realized they have a lot of common interests, they both were surprised but they never let it show. After going home, she would call him in the evening and talk a while about the day they had and promised to meet him again next day. Whenever they went on projects, they would eat in a restaurant and share the bill.

The bond was so natural and everybody started treating them as if they were a couple. Aaron and Christine laughed at them. You won’t believe me if I said, they never even held each other’s hands. But in winter, when the wind chills her spine, she would simply hold his hand sitting next to him in the classroom. He would bring her food that his mother cooked. Whenever Christine asks Aaron to go to a movie with her, he would deny saying he wouldn’t want to give a reason to the rumors about their relationship. By the end of the first year, they were almost attached at the hip, seen everywhere together. They teased each other, laughed at each other and supported each other.

You are totally mistaken if you even think for a second that they stopped fighting. The fights never seized. They were there almost every other day. Inspite of their fights, it never occurred to them that, they might never patch up. Because, not a fight lasted for more than few hours, they would patch up every single time and each fight strengthened their bond. During these fights, they would sit away from each other in the classroom. Even their fights were beautiful. One day, when Aaron and Christine had an argument, their friend Cheryl tried to mediate. That’s when Professor James advised Cheryl never to interfere with anything that has to do with Aaron and Christine, because they will always go back together and that Cheryl will always remain the third person. He also told her that not a thing in this world can ever break Aaron and Christine’s bond.

Aaron came from a dysfunctional family. One day when things were not good at home, he called Christine. He didn’t say a word. He simply cried.. cried for almost 2-3 minutes. Christine stayed on line, listened to him crying silently. Once he pulled himself together, he simply said, “Bye!” and disconnected the phone. Christine didn’t talk about it next day when they met in college, because she believed that if it was something she had to know, Aaron would tell about it himself.. she wouldn’t have to ask! That was the kind of the bond they shared.

To be Continued…

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