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Just another night!

The night seemed to never end. Especially with the downpour of rain, powercut and the darkness engulfing me… I could not sleep. My little tomato saplings in the balcony were too young to stand the force of the rain, they bent down kissing the soil. I guess too much of anything is good for nothing.

Anyways, I sat in the balcony watching the rain. The thunder striking now and then is making the raindrops look like silver strings sent from above. The chill in the air was remarkable. I made myself a cup of coffee and held it in my hands like a precious trophy, after all, that’s my companion in good and bad times. The night was silent except for the sound of the rain and the clock on the table ticking, tick.. tick.. tick..! Too many thoughts were cluttering my mind, making up scenarios that are never gonna happening, thinking of the people who are never gonna be there and ruining my inner peace. I could not stand it and picked up my mobile to waste some more time checking for updates on facebook and twitter. In some time, I lost my interest looking at the updates posted by people who post them purely to show off. They randomly like and share whatever that comes their way without even checking the facts.

It was past 1.00 in the night and I really have a very bad relationship with the angel of sleep, we don’t get along very well. I thought of writing something on my blog but my laptop’s battery was down. I looked around, found a candle, and wasted about 5-6 matchsticks in the process of lighting the candle, due to the strong wind coming through the window. I succeeded finally and the warm orange glow chased away the darkness in the room. I loved the way the flame danced to the rhythm of the rain beating against the walls. What a show?

Left with nothing else to do, I decided to pick up the pen and the book and write something.. anything. The stillness around me triggered the flow of words pouring onto the paper and I wrote non-stop for over 45 minutes. Just like the rain cooled the hot summer, the downpour of the words cooled the heat of my mind.

Feeling a bit relieved, I started reading the novel I had been reading for the last 10 days, ‘Atlas Shrugged’. My eyes started running through the letters on the pages. I’ve always wondered how a variety of combination of just 26 Alphabets forms so many words with plenty of meanings. Slowly, it stopped raining outside. Ayn Rand’s words felt like a lullaby and I, too, fell into a deep sleep.

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